Alarming Findings from New Study on Indoor Tanning


You may call it a ray of truth.

A new study is catching the eye of people who tan indoors. According to the skin care organization, JAMA Dermatology, there are now more cases of skin cancer due to indoor tanning than there are lung cancer cases due to smoking. The study comes a month after Illinois' new tanning law took affect. SinceJanuary 1st, minors have been banned from using indoor tanning facilities thanks to a bill signed by Governor Quinn in 2013. Nearly 30 million Americans tan indoors every year. One reason is because using natural sunlight can be painful. Even though all UV rays are unhealthy, the Sun emits a certain type that easily burns most skin after extended exposure. The alternative? A tanning bed. You're still taking in UV rays, but it's pain-free. According to the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield, the new study is not shocking. Dr. Elizabeth Nietert says indoor tanning and smoking have a very major similarity. They are both an addiction.

"Indoor tanning is mostly UV-A rays. And so those are nice and convenient for patients because they don't burn, so it's something they can do every single day," said Nietert. "And when you become addicted to tanning, a lot of people like going every single day. Today we saw several patients.. women in their 20s who had been diagnosed with skin cancer in their 20s, and largely this is probably do to indoor tanning.. has to be."

In the U.S alone.. over 419,000 cases of skin cancer can be attributed to indoor tanning. One way to try and avoid being a part of that number is to spray tan rather than use a tanning bed. Doctors say it's a much healthier option.

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