Police investigating a body found on South Whittier


The Sangamon County Sheriff's Department is investigating, after a man was found dead, near South Whittier and Highland Avenue.

Police say, a male was found on the sidewalk, around 7:30 Friday morning, in the 2700 block of South Whittier. The man was found with fatal wounds.


As police continue their investigation, they're asking for anyone in the area who may have heard or seen something to come forward, because even a small lead could turn out to be the most important.

"You need to call us with any possibility that you heard something or saw something.  If there's something in your yard that doesn't belong, you need to notify us immediately.  It could be what breaks the case.  They think they don't want to bother us with something, that 'oh that probably didn't mean anything,' let us determine that.  Please call us, especially the residents in that neighborhood.  If you're driving in that area throughout the night, and you heard something, you need to let us know down here at our investigations," Sangamon County under sheriff Jack Campbell told WAND News.

A nearby school was placed on soft lock down as a result of the investigation.

No arrests have been made, as police continue to investigate the incident. We will bring you more details as they become available. 

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