Council to Vote on Dredging Project


DECATUR- The city council is set to vote Monday night on a major project to dredge Lake Decatur. 

That decision comes with a 90 million dollar price tag. With the drought it's become clear to city leaders that our water supply needed to improve. And a major part of that the City Manager says would be dredging four basins of lake Decatur. 

The city is recommending a contract with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock.  The company already dredged basin 6.

Other bids would be cheaper but less of the lake would be dredged. The City Manager says it would increase the lake's capacity by 30 percent. And he says the bid is reasonable and close to the cost estimates and of all of the bids the cheapest per unit cost. 

Plus the equipment is mostly powered by electricity quieter and less harmful to the environment. 

Assistant City Manager Billy Tyus says dredging is necessary for the city's future success.   

"What happens when local business has to think about how much water they have before they determine how much product they're going to have to manufacture.  Or how much product they're going to have to produce.  We don't want to have that problem anymore and dredging helps to address that issue."

The main goal to improve our water supply and also recreation on the lake like boating swimming and fishing. To finance the project they wouldn't have to raise water rates.  The dredging will be paid for by bonds out of the most recent water rate increases. 

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