More changes on Decatur's West End


There have been some changes on Decatur's West End. Visitors will still recognize restaurants like Donnie's Homespun Pizza and University Dogs, but Lana's Cakewalk is out and Head West Sub Stop is in. It's a location that not every business is seeing eye to eye on.

Owner James Peterson said business at University Dogs has been a roller coaster ride.

"We'd have to say we're successful but it's a struggle to be successful," Peterson said.

And now part of that ride includes extending hours. This is the first week Peterson is open weekdays 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

"The main reason is just to try to increase sales and keep the doors open," he explained.

Because as he said, that can be a challenge located on the corner of Decatur's West End.

"This location isn't helping because we're not doing the sales that we'd like to do so it's slowing us down," Peterson said.

University Dogs has been in its spot for just about three years, but soon to be Head West Sub Stop hasn't even been on the West End for a day but the owner said he's excited about business that will open up by the end of the month.

"We got word of a spot over here and this is one of the coolest streets in Decatur," said Owner Matthew Bluhm.

Head West has multiple spots in the Springfield area, but this is the first one in Decatur. Bluhm said he likes what this city has to offer.

"It's cool," he said. "It's the farthest away we've been from Springfield," Bluhm said.

Bluhm added the finishing touches on the restaurant and once it's done, he's expecting to satisfy Decatur with its subs.

"If you have a unique and good product you can locate it anywhere and people will come," he said.

In just a few short weeks Bluhm will find out how his ride starts out.

WAND also found out Cherry berry now serves soups and sandwiches to try and increase business during these winter months. And owner of new restaurant Blue Spoon, that just went in next door to Donnie's late last year, said business is good and thinks the Oak-Wood area is getting better and better.

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