Remind 101: Helping Students Remember their Homework


Decatur- While school is out, some teachers are making sure their students stay on track while they are at home with an app called Remind 101. It's free and safe for parents and students to use.

Math Teacher Hannah Combs at Eisenhower High School in Decatur has been using the application since the end of last August.

"I send out one-way text messages. . . Hope you had a good night. Don't forget you have a test tomorrow," Combs said.

Combs also uses the app for "I let them know when homework is due or when tests are coming up or over break when I changed something or I would like them to access homework online," Combs added.

"Her class is challenging and I'm not good in math," said Eisenhower student William Outzen.

Outzen agrees with his math teacher that the app comes in handy.

"Her texts are very helpful and they save me from forgetting homework a lot," Outzen said.

"I let them know, hey you can get your homework online because we have to push everything back and that was really nice to have handy over this break and with all the weather issues pushing it back even further," Combs told WAND.

That way, when school is back in session, there are no excuses when homework is due.

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