Stores Running Out of Winter Weather Gear


DECATUR- Once again, most of Central Illinois is digging out from the winter storm that dumped the expected four to seven inches. An approaching winter storm leads people rushing to the stores for the needed winter weather equipment, such as gloves, salt, windshield wipers, etc. WAND spoke with the co-manager of Rural King, Tony Stock, who says ice melt was the number one item that quickly sold out, along with snow shovels. Rural King's shelves have quickly been restocked early this morning. Despite another round of winter weather, Stock tells WAND that people did not seem to panic that much this time around. Perhaps people are getting used to the routine of snow, cold air, one day break, more snow, and repeat. 

In the checkout line at Rural King we caught up one man who hasn't had the best of luck during this winter storm, as the ice on his windshield broke the wiper blades. This sent Engle out to the store to purchase brand new windshield wiper blades. With this storm behind us, and hazardous roads in its wake, Stock says business has been slow all morning and is expected to remain slow throughout the rest of the day.

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