I-TEAM: GPS Cannon - Satellite Police Chases


Decatur - It's something out of a James Bond or Star Wars movie.  Ending high speed chases using satellite technology.

A Virginia company called StarChase has developed a GPS Cannon that can be mounted in the grill of a police car.  If a suspect tries to flee the cannon can fire a GPS tracking canister that attaches to the suspects vehicle.  Instead of engaging in a chase police dispatchers can follow the suspect using satellite signals from the tracking device

It may interest cities around the country.  Lawsuits filed when a police chase ends in an accident or injuries can be in the millions of dollars.  The GPS cannon allows officers to back off and still follow the suspect making an arrest with reduced risk.

The WAND TV I-TEAM talked to Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider who has seen the technology demonstrated in Arizona.

"I think it's a great technology," Schneider told I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe.  "I hope they can go ahead and develop it further.  It could be a very useful tool.  Right now, it's a big question."

The GPS cannon is expensive and possibly out of the price range of many smaller law enforcement agencies.  The cannon costs about $5,000.  While the GPS "bullets" or trackers cost up to $500 each.

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