Trials set for men accused of murder


Maroa - The trial for one of the two men accused of stabbing and stomping 23-year-old Justin Mentzer is set.

Terris Warnsely, 21, will appear in court on May 12, for his jury trial. Douglas Taylor, also accused for the November 2012 Maroa murder, will have his jury trial on February 24th.

Warnsely and Taylor both plead innocent. Prosecutors say Warnsely was the accomplices in the murder.

Mentzer was stabbed and beaten in his mobile home, in Maple Tree Mobile Home Park. According to Taylor's sworn statement, both suspects planned on killing Mentzer for about three weeks, so they could steal a Playstation 3 and a laptop computer. Police located several items linking Taylor to the crime.  

Police said, Taylor and Warnsely planned on selling the electronics in Decatur. They're both charged with more than 20 felonies and each face 18 counts of murder.  

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