Snow Storms Proving Costly for State



Springfield - Pile, after pile of snow, just a reminder of just how tough the winter has been here in central Illinois.

Between using up about 7,800 tons of salt, and having several plow drivers work overtime, this winter has been especially cold for the city's finances according to the public works director Mark Mahoney.

"We budget about $300,000 a year for the overtime.  We're looking now at probably a half a million dollars in overtime, so about $200,000 over where we were roughly speaking," Mahoney told WAND News.

The brutally cold, snow filled winter has been more than just tough on the city's expenses, it's also been tough on the snow plow trucks, especially when people aren't giving them the space they need to get the job done.

"It's bad, it's bad.  It's rough.  It's cold and we're dealing with the situation, but we're getting by with it.  We ask them to stay back 50 feet.  And they just get right back behind there, and it's kind of hard for us, but we've got to drive for ourselves and look out for the other guys behind us.  That's our blind spot," plow driver Al Dickerson said.

If the city needs to go farther into overtime, or to order more salt, director Mahoney told me that the city council and mayor Mike Houston will do what it takes to keep the city's streets safe.


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