Beatles Fans Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Arrival in US


Springfield - Janice Bartlet was there when The Beatles first came to New York on February 7th, 1964.

From the first time she heard their music, she was hooked.

"It did something, I just don't know, something clicked.  And the way they looked, sounded, but I think of all the music, is what it did it for me," Bartlet told WAND News on Friday.

Fifty years later, John, Paul, George, and Ringo still influence musicians and fans all over the world.  And their message, one of peace and love, still rings true.  And for first generation fans, Janice and her husband, Robert, hope is something younger generations are able to take away.

Janice and her husband share a common thread, their love for The Beatles.  

They met through a Beatles fan magazine.

They even married on John Lennon's birthday.

Though The Beatles are no longer together as a group, the Bartlet's still carry out The Beatles' message for love and peace in the world.

"The Beatles came into our lives.  They gave us direction, more than just one direction.  The Beatles were the true enlightenment.  They always told us the truth.  All you need is love.  There's more to the world than just killing and fighting and dying.  They spoke to us," said Robert Bartlet.

Janice Bartlet added,"to have four guys, and the unity they shared, and the music that they produced, there will never be another Beatles."

The Beatles were a band that changed the world then, and are still changing it now.


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