Kaylee Helton Celebrates Hope


At first, the day was calm.

"The next thing I remember is being on the ground out in my dining room and I couldn't breathe.

Kaylee Helton was sent to a hospital in St. Louis after a local a doctor anticipated further complications.

"And if there were further complications, the life-support machine that she'd end up requiring.. they don't have in Springfield," said Kaylee's mother, Missy.

The incident was rare.. a massive pulmonary embolism that caused her heart, lungs, and kidneys to fail. Since last October when it happened, Kaylee has been in and out of the hospital.. and diagnosed with an immune system disorder that causes an increased risk of blood clots.

"It kind of just all hits you and you miss so much time from school and, you know, like, social crap," said Kaylee.

So Kaylee's friends and family brought the party to her.

"A bunch of the people from my town, and people that know me, got together. And they'd, like, meet every Sunday. And like they organized a bunch of stuff. They started selling T-shirts."

Saturday afternoon her friends and family held a benefit in the city of Lincoln, raising money to help Kaylee with medical expenses.

"Her Dad and I didn't work the entire three months that we were at the hospital. We'll be traveling back and forth to St. Louis for treatments."

Kaylee's mother has one goal in sight.

"I would ultimately pray that there's a cure. That we can find something out there that just completely corrects the disease."

Kaylee is a believer.

"All I can say is just never give up on yourself.. that's it's possible to get through anything if you believe in yourself.

A word of encouragement anyone can use.

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