Scam Targeting Central Illinois Job Seekers


DECATUR-A  woman lost nearly two grand in a scam that starts on Craigslist.  

Job seekers reply to a post for a job listing. But that post turns out to be fake and what looks like a job opportunity turns into a financial burden.

A Decatur woman browsing the site was lured by an ad seeking an adult caregiver.  She and the job poster texted back and forth.  She was sent a check for $2400  and was told to take out 450 for her first week's salary.  And send the rest back in a prepaid Moneypak card, but the check bounced and she was out 1900 dollars.

"We get reports like this every single day," says Jessica Tharp from the Central Illinois chapter of the Better Business Bureau via Skype. "They're out to convince you they are who they say they are and they're out to get your money," says Tharp

So she says do research first. "First you need to verify the company is legitimate before you start any conversation," she says.  "And the next thing you do is confirm the job through writing to confirm the job is what you think it is"

That way you'll deal with a real company and a legitimate business would never want you to send money. 

With this scam once you send the money the chances of recovering any of that are slim so instead of getting a paycheck you're the one paying the price. 


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