Making yourself more Marketable with a Website


It's all about promoting yourself when looking for a job and some people are starting to create a personal career website to become more marketable.

It shows that you are not playing around when it comes to finding a job.

Scott Bork, the Founder and CEO of TranGo 3 Marketing in Decatur creates websites.

"You can put somebody's profile online which can be one page to five pages and can showcase their experience and work history which would definitely benefit them more than a piece of paper," Scott Bork said.

He can create a profile site with your picture, resume and skills. You can also have  in-depth information about organizations that you are involved with. As well as, links to social media and/or more of your work. is a free tool for anyone who has a Linkedin profile to build a website.

Many sites are not free. Like, Bork is offering his services to professionals for free. Please contact Brigette Burnett at for his information.

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