BBB Warns About Valentine's Day Catfishing


DECATUR-The Better Business Bureau is warning people about catfishing, which is when scammers use online-only relationships for financial gain.

 More and more people are turning to the internet to find love.  But with catfishing, the victim ends up heartbroken.  

A scammer creates a fake profile, reels the victim in, and asks for personal info or money.

There are some easy red flags to spot it though. 

One way is if a person from an online dating service asks to talk on an outside messaging service. Also, often the person claims to be from this country but is traveling living or working abroad.
An immediate red flag should go up if that person asks you for money or credit card info, or if that person sends you emails that have links to third party websites. 

Of course when dating online the better business bureau urges you to never send money or wire money to people you have never met in person.  

In many cases, these scammers are very suave.  They will express their feelings and make it really seem as though they care for you.  In some cases, the con artists will lead on the victims for months.  This sort of scam is common so if you're dating online you need to look out for it. 

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