Hotline to help track down cyber crime


Springfield - There is a new way to shut down cyber crimes.


The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office announced a new 24 hour hot line to catch online criminals. Residents can call 753-6686 to report any cyber crimes that happen.


Sangamon Co. Undersheriff, Jack Campbell says, they do not have the resources to track and investigate every tip that comes in. However, now when someone calls in a cybercrime can be shared on social media.


"These types of crimes are very, very difficult for us to track. Often times they originate from across the country or even overseas and we really can't follow up on them. There's not enough man power and there's not enough money and there's not enough victims locally here to justify a task force that would track these people down. So what we want to do is avoid being a victim."


The hotline is now open.


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