Single on Valentine's Day but how not to feel alone


When people are single on Valentine's Day, it can be hard to watch friends or family members receive dozens of flowers or boxes of chocolate, but there is one way to avoid feeling alone this Friday.

It comes as no surprise that Valentine's Day is a holiday filled with hearts, flowers and chocolate. But what may shock some people is that a poll taken a couple of years ago said more than 75 percent of single women admitted to inventing a fake boyfriend for Valentine's Day. And of those women, 13 percent bought boxes of chocolate for themselves.

Del's Popcorn Shop in downtown Decatur offered special items like popcorn hearts and fudge and hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries.

"Those are flying off the shelves at this point," said crew leader at Del's Popcorn Shop Penny Skidmore. "We're gradually getting busier and busier and no doubt Friday will be the busiest, and our lobby we'll be full of men," she said with a laugh.

A chocolate-covered strawberry could do the trick but what about flowers? Eighty percent of those women polled sent flowers to themselves.

"We want it to be happy and a party and upbeat and of course, be beautiful," explained Owner of Wethington's Fresh Flowers & Gifts. "And we try our very best to make everybody feel like they're getting exactly what they want to send to their girlfriend."

The flowers are hand-picked, wrapped and ready from that special someone because no woman wants to feel left out on this Valentine's Day.

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