Affordable Health Care Enrollment Continues



Springfield - For many who are enrolling in the health insurance Marketplace, they're faced with tough decisions.

Either pay for their groceries and bills, or pay for health care coverage.

Since the roll out of the Affordable Health Care act, about 73% of those who have enrolled have already received financial assistance here in Illinois.
Six out of ten Americans have found out that they are eligible for plans that would cost less than $100 a month.
With under 50 days left in the open enrollment period, people who haven't already signed up are being urged to do so.
For those who will benefit, it means resting a little easier at night not having to worry about being covered.

"When I was younger, I never considered those sorts of things, but as I got older I realized that you get what you pay for in terms of health care.  You can never be completely certain of what your health will bring.  However, I do sleep a lot better now knowing if something does bad happen, it doesn't guarantee me being bankrupt," enrollee Drew Duzinskas told WAND News.

Get Covered America will be hosting two enrollment workshops in Springfield this weekend, as well as one in Jacksonville.


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