New Program Coming to Douglas County


TUSCOLA- Getting connected and getting answers faster is what Douglas County officials want to achieve for their residents. On Tuesday evening, February 12th, county and city officials held a meeting, at Tuscola's Community Building, to discuss to Douglas County residents about a brand new program called 2-1-1. This program will provide important services and information, such as housing assistance, counseling, evacuation routes, volunteer opportunities, information resources, senior and homeless services, and specialized information and referral. Although 2-1-1 is a quicker, more convenient way of accessing all types of information, Douglas County officials want people to know that 2-1-1 is not meant to replace 9-1-1, but rather such a plethora of information will be in one location---people will only have to call one number for resources. 

Douglas County residents are excited for the launch date of 2-1-1, but officials don't know that exact date yet, as the county information is still being collected and entered into the database. It is hoped that 2-1-1 will be up and running within the next few months. Illinois is one of the last states to receive 2-1-1. Many counties in Illinois already use 2-1-1, such as Champaign County.

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