Douglas County Working With Out-of-State University


TUSCOLA- Often times, it takes a disaster before changes and progress can be made. Although minimally affected by November 17th, 2013's tornadoes, Douglas County, a small county that uses CodeRed Notification System, was chosen by the University of Missouri-Columbia to take part in a survey. Those who lived in Douglas County on November 17th, are encouraged to take five minutes to answer the twenty-seven questions. The survey will help researchers know how residents handled the tornado threat. Survey results will also help Douglas County officials know how they can better their alert systems. Douglas County Emergency Management Agency Director, Joe Victor, is excited for the first-ever opportunity to participate in a research study, as the results will help improve his community. 

Currently, one-hundred people have filled out the survey. The university desires about one-hundred-fifty to two-hundred completed surveys for best results. Residents have until February 17th to turn those in. There is a link to the survey on Douglas County's web page. The survey asks general questions, such as how were you notified of the tornadoes and were you notified. Victor does not know when results will be in, but you will hear them first on WAND TODAY.

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