Cyber Crime Tip Line seeing immediate action


Springfield -  The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office opened up a new hot line Tuesday to help catch online criminals, and they already have callers dialing in.


Here are some of the calls the crime line took in:


*On Wednesday (February 12th 2014) at 8:55 a.m., a caller had received an e-mail from the country of Botswana on February 7th.  According to the e-mail, a relation of the caller named Robert Hunter had died during a diamond mine accident.  Robert Hunter had no ‘Will', and Robert Hunter had an estate valued over 3 million dollars.  The e-mail also stated the caller was the only verified relative Robert Hunter.  The e-mail asked to caller to send her e-mail and phone number to claim the estate. 


*On Wednesday (February 12th 2014) at 10:19 a.m., a caller was trying to sell an item on Craig's List.  The purchaser of the item was insisting on using a cashier's check, and having the caller pay for shipping of the item for sale.     The purchaser was also willing to give the caller extra money, for selling the item. 


*On Wednesday (February 12th 2014) at 10:29 a.m., a caller had received numerous calls to her residence during the late evening hours. The phone would ring one time, then hang up.  These phone calls originated from the country of Grenada.


*On Thursday (February 13th 2014) at 8:51 a.m., a caller had received an automated call.  The automated call said a PNC bank account had been tampered with and required immediate action.  The caller said a household member did have an account with PNC Bank.  However, this was an old account.  


*On Thursday (February 13th 2014) at 10:22 a.m., a caller had received numerous calls from the phone number 217-247-4445.  The caller checked on the internet, and found the number was listed as a "scam" number.  The call from this number is an automated from a company asking someone to participate in a daily drawing for $25,000.00. 


To report a cyber crime call 217-753-6686

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