Former Inmate Sues Correctional Officers


SPRINGFIELD- A former inmate at the Sangamon County jail is now suing three correctional officers.

The suit claims they used a taser and maced the man after an epileptic seizure. This lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court. 

It does not name the sheriff as a defendant but instead three correctional officers and it accuses them of abusing the defendant and denying him medical treatment. 

Last year, Richard Haley Junior was locked up for a misdemeanor at the Sangamon County jail.  This lawsuit, which lists Haley as the plaintiff, states that upon booking Haley told  jail employees about his medical condition. 

But according to the suit on March 20th, 2013 when Haley's cell mate called for help, three correctional officers found Haley unresponsive.  

First they shouted at him to come out of the cell and threatened to spray him with mace.  When he didn't respond. They maced him. 

Then the suit claims the officers yelled at him to get up or they would shoot him with a taser gun.  He did not respond, and the suit alleges they shot him at least one time. 

It states that instead of giving him medical care they handcuffed Haley to a wheelchair where he spent the remainder of the night. 

He's asking for 250 thousand dollars  for medical care, pain, and suffering.

This lawsuit is only one side of the story, however.  

We tried to get in touch with Under sheriff Jack Campbell who did not respond to our repeat calls about the lawsuit. 

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