Some in Cerro Gordo Still Without Water


CERRO GORDO-Judy's Kitchen is the only restaurant in town.  They've been closed since Tuesday and it could be a couple more days before they can re-open. 

A restaurant with no water cannot open for business. With no potable water for food or drink no bathrooms for customers they've had to close.  

Owner Judy Tuvell says it's a hit.  She says today students have a half day and they would expect a lunchtime rush.  

She also says she was planning a special for Valentine's dinner and customers have been calling and she's had to turn them away.  

"It is frustrating, but I know they're doing the best that they can do to find it and they're out there working in this bad weather and stuff," Tuvell says.  So it is frustrating, but you have to kind of be patient and roll with the flow."

To make life harder, Tuvell doesn't have water at home either. She hopes the village will be able to restore water soon. 

Village workers haven't been able to locate the leak, but have restored water to all but the one block. They've had to drill through asphalt concrete and frozen ground to repair valves. 

Freezing temperatures have made it harder to spot the water main break.  

"Our guys out there fixing the main are also the guys that need to get busy out there plowing snow," says Cerro Gordo Village President Brad Williams.  "So they've got a lot of duties and they've worked hard the past couple of weeks."

A leak detection company is helping them locate the break.  They hope to restore water to everyone by early next week and lift the boil order Wednesday, at the earliest.

UPDATE: Water was restored to Judy's Kitchen shortly after 3 p.m. on Friday.

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