Drivers Advised to Avoid Icy Roads if Possible


DECATUR- There have been about half a dozen accidents and slide offs in Macon County, according to deputies.  

They say this number is actually pretty low, because people have been keeping off the roads with the holiday. 
This morning, the roads were like a sheet of ice, the main roads are covered in slush.
All the snow and rain are having trouble going down frozen drains, so there's standing water in the low lying areas which makes for poor visibility. 
The precipitation, finally stopped in the mid to late afternoon, but road conditions will worsen with the sunset.  
Plows have been out today salting the roads, but with that re-freezing it would be hard to keep up with the pace.  
They advise that side roads and county roads will likely be the worst. 
They say the commute to work Tuesday morning will also be difficult, and advise motorists to not go out on the roads tonight if they don't have to do so. 


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