Ice Leaves Central Illinois Frozen, Without Power


Springfield - While ice on the roads is changing from a solid to slush, ice is still frozen on light poles and on power lines.

A problem that power companies deal with every winter.

The winter storm that came through left ice on roadways, on cars, and more importantly leaving it on power lines.  

That left over 5,000 people in central Illinois without power for a short time Monday.  

Ameren prepares for this sort of thing every year.  This is something they've seen in the past, and it's that preparation that makes recovery that much easier.

"We definitely have a plan of action that is in place year round.  We start by taking a roll call to make sure that we have adequate resources and adequate line folks that are prepared to respond to many types of emergencies.  We start fueling up trucks, making sure that necessary equipment is available, and we're ready to respond and deploy as quickly as possible," said Ameren spokesperson Marcelyn Love. 

If you experience a power outage, Love said to call customer service immediately.

She also recommended signing up for Ameren's text alerts so you can see how long it will take for service to be restored to your area.


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