Champaign city council to vote on flood prevention plan


Champaign -- Right now, streets are snow packed, but as the weather warms up, snow will turn into slush, and eventually, water, which will cause some Champaign neighborhoods to fill up with floods.

Drainage issues are a persistent problem throughout the town since the city was built on a drained swamp. However, on Tuesday evening, the city council is expected to make a move that will help clear the clog.

Members are set to vote on a $2.1 million plan to build a storm water detention basin near the corner of Washington and Russell streets. It would be the first step in a three-part project that would bring two more detention basins, along with additional sewers, to that part of town to alleviate flooding.

Champaign mayor Don Gerard says this action is long overdue.

 "Those who have been on the council a long time know that they were forced, due to the economy, to kick the can down the road a little bit," said Gerard. "And it's time to catch up on a lot of these projects and make sure they get done."

The storm water detention basin would be paid for by the storm water utility fee that property owners pay.

If approved, construction is set to start next month and expected to be complete by the fall.

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