Delay on budget talks could hurt schools


Springfield - Lawmakers are focusing on budgets as they returned to the State Capitol on Tuesday.


If lawmakers delay any action on the budget crisis it could be costly for the state and schools. 89-percent from the previous year is the number local school districts go by each year to figure out the upcoming fiscal budget.


Governor Pat Quinn was slated to give his budget address on Wednesday, but two weeks ago lawmakers voted to allow him to give his address in March.


Senator, Andy Manar told WAND news that the speech is not the key to the situation. " I think what's more important is the final product.  Whether the speech was given this week, or now it's going to be the end of March, I think what's more important than the timing of the speech is the process that we put into place at the legislative level."


Some school districts are disappointed with the delay, others say they agree with Manar.


Lawmakers will meet during budget appropriation panels this week. They hope the panels will help speed up the process of passing a budget once they know the governor's budget proposal.

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