Council approves police furniture bid


Update 8:30 p.m.: Decatur - The Decatur City Council voted to approve new furniture, fixtures and technology for the new Decatur Police Department building.


 Council voted 7-0 in favor of a bid with Wiley Office furniture to provide and install furnishings in the planned department space at 707 Southside Drive. Their bid came in at $264,600, the lowest bid amount.  


Council also accepted a bid for Bodine Communications for cabling, audiovisual and security system and an agreement with Bradford Systems Corporation to install shelving, lockers and storage, both costs are $657,399.


All the bids are part of the plans for the overall project, which remains in budget and on time. Police are expected to move into the new space in late spring or  early summer.

Original Posting 5:30 p.m.

DECATUR- The police department is getting a new home, but first it means they need new furniture and technology. 


City council is voting Tuesday night on measures to outfit the new home of the police department.  It will take more than a million dollars for New furniture new computers and technology and lockers.


The city already budgeted for furniture, fixtures, and equipment at the police department's new home on South Side Drive. 


Although the police will take what they can from the old building, much of the furniture they have in the Law Enforcement Center does not belong to the police department. The new building will have more of an open floor concept with cubicles to keep the price down.


They'll also need to buy computers and to set up network wiring phone communications and security cameras costing 350 thousand. And then there's the space-saving evidence shelving and storage systems plus lockers which will cost 300 thousand. 


City Manager Ryan McCrady says the lockers will be a big improvement for officers. 

"Instead of employees lugging their gear from their personal vehicles into whatever squad car they're assigned to tonight they'll be able to store their gear, charge their radios, and all those types of things in the current facility," McCrady says. 


They plan to borrow the money and pay it back over the next 3-5 years.  So far they're on schedule and budget and hope to be done by June. 


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