Filling Potholes a Greater Challenge This Winter Season


DECATUR- As we can't seem to catch a break from Winter's furry, neither can the roads. Municipal Services Manager, Richard Borders, tells WAND News that there is an abundance in potholes on the roads. Extreme temperature changes combined with water pouring into cracks, causes pavement to pop out. Heavy sheets of ice followed by periods of thawing reveal more and more potholes. Borders says the main problem this season is the water run-off from excessive snow melt causing major delays in filling potholes. Before the potholes can be filled, crews need to drain the water from them, which can be time consuming. A lot of snow melt within a brief period of time is also causing areas of flooding on roads, as storm drains can't keep up at times. Crews continue working around the clock, as more and bigger potholes surface.

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