Bang! You've Hit A Pothole


Decatur - City road crews in central Illinois and IDOT used the warmer weather Wednesday to deal with a roadway menace.  Potholes.

Potholes & bad roads cost the nations motorists an additional $80 billion dollars a year.  They damage shocks, suspensions and tires.

"This has been a particularly bad winter for potholes because of the extreme temperature changes," Richard Borders of the Decatur Public Works Department told WAND News.  "We're seeing an abundance of potholes because the pavements have had a pretty heavy sheet of ice on them and as it thaws we're finding a lot of potholes under the ice."

Patches are being placed into the holes when possible.  However, water from melting snow and ice often keeps the patches from staying in place.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 20's next week bringing more potholes with it.

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