Road to recover after tornados long, but possible


Gifford - When tornadoes hit the town of Gifford and Washington in November, people from across the nation gave the towns a helping hand.


More than 5 million dollars has been donated to the Red Cross, to help aid in the rebuilding of the two towns that lost nearly everything. So far 3 million from those funds has been spent in Gifford. 80 percent of the rest of the money will go right back to those hit hardest by the storms.


The foggy streets of Gifford on Thursday afternoon were full of the sounds of hammers, saws and a community making the best of devastating storm. Three months ago it was a different story, tornadoes tore through the town of Gifford, taking away homes in the blink of an eye.


Residents are now moving forward, even though recovery has been slow homes are going back up. The money spent has gone towards feeding sites and shelters. Bulk amounts of food and water were distributed throughout the community. Now the community says their is a new kind of need.


Insurance may not be enough to replace all the things need to be fixed. And homeowners are finding unexpected costs with home rebuilds.


Disaster Program Manager Jamie Davis knows it's a long road. "Before we leave, we want to make sure their home is as good as it was before or better and get their family back to a normal life."


The Red Cross plans to be in Gifford and Washington as long as they are needed. They expect to be there for a whole year helping in anyway they can. For now the towns continue to rebuild from the rubble.

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