City Managers fight to keep Central Illinois' Water Clean


The future of Central Illinois' drinking water is in jeopardy. The town of normal is actively trying to make sure that it's not contaminated. A disposal company out of Peoria is seeking permission to transfer contaminated soil from toxic clean up sites in Chicago to a landfill that sits directly above the Mahomet Aquifer. This aquifer is the most important one in East-Central Illinois. It supplies water to 15 counties. Mark Peterson, the city manager of Normal says contamination of the aquifer would effect nearly one million people.

"If that aquifer were to be contaminated with chemical waste such as PCBs, it would essentially devastate the region," said Peterson. "So we're going to have to apparently get the communities to voice their anger and their outrage over this. And so that's part of our role today."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to approve the disposal company's request. So, the town of Normal has put together a team of lawyers and city administrators from across Central Illinois to fight it. Today, they held a 5-hour summit meeting that informed community members how they can help.


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