Ginger Young Benefit


Her friends and family say she's..

" ..very easy going. Very smiley, generous, kind-hearted, said Rachel Holden."

She's Ginger Young of Decatur. And last week, her world was turned upside down.

"She was in an automobile accident. Was making a turn into her home. The snow was piled up. She couldn't see. An on-coming car side swiped her and she's currently in the Peoria hospital in a coma," said family friend, Brian Beube.

Because she's a community leader, a support team formed quickly.

"Basically what we did was we got a group of people together," said Beube. "It started out as probably 10 to 15 guys that just wanted to get together and donate some money to jack young and his family."

Jack Young is Ginger's husband. Ginger's unique treatments require her to remain at a hospital in Peoria.

"So, Jack's having to drive back and forth. This is going to help for hotel costs and any other expenses that occur."

Sunday afternoon, the Decatur community held a benefit to raise the money.

"She would be in the front to take care of someone else in her position," said Holden. "So, I think she would be calling others to help. You know, offering their talents and skills to raise money for someone else."

Ginger's family says the incredible turn-out for the event proves Ginger's love for giving back is contagious. If you would like to help, you can contact Prairie State Bank and donate to the Ginger Young fund.

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