The Silent Deadly Killer


Decatur- It could kill you or make you ill and it's known as the silent killer. Everyday people die from carbon monoxide poisoning while making thousands more become sick.



Carbon monoxide is sneaky and there are so many ways it can get into your home. The best way to keep it out, is having a carbon monoxide detector.

Since January 14th, Decatur firefighters went on 89 calls and carbon monoxide was detected in 15 homes.

Battalion Chief Rich Pruitt said, "make sure your furnaces get serviced. That's the big thing." "Often times we have problems with water heaters, gas water heaters and the flame not burning clean enough. Same thing with the gas stoves, the flame not burning clean enough."

Also, check fireplaces, make sure space heaters are vented properly and check all venting systems to the outside. Make sure there are no leaks so the odorless gas can't seep in.

It's recommended that you check your carbon monoxide detectors twice a year at season changes.

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