Coverage for sex reassignment surgery could be added to student health care


Urbana - The University of Illinois could add coverage for sex reassignment surgery to the student health plan.


The coverage was requested by U of I students in Urbana just last summer.  Supporters gathered at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to show the university this issue needs to be covered.  


Coverage would increase the rate by 15 percent. 13 percent of that increase would go towards fees and coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Undergraduates would pay $291 and Graduate students would pay $376 for each academic year.


Each student has the option of purchasing insurance through the U of I. However, it is not mandatory. Students must have insurance but can stay on their parents plan.


Supporters of the coverage say it is a matter of human rights. Others say parents and students may not want the health care based on moral grounds.


The proposal could be voted on when the board of trustees meets next week in Urbana. 

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