Lawmaker Wants Reforms to College Illinois Program



Springfield - To get a good job, you need a college degree.

To pay for college you may need student loans, federal or state grants, and perhaps even work study.

You can also invest in prepaid tuition plans like College Illinois, but investors be warned.

"Unfortunately, College Illinois, is dangerously close to financial disaster.  As a result parents who invest in this program think they are buying financial security for their children, when it reality, just the opposite may be true," said Bloomington senator Jason Barickman.

With the cost of education going up almost annually for schools in the state, Senator Barickman said the state needs to do a better job of having grant and financial aid money available for those students seeking a higher education.

"This is why we want to make sure that the state of Illinois has ample options available to families to fund their education in Illinois, but to fund their education broadly," added Barickman.

WAND News did attempt to contact the Illinois Students Assistance Commission, who oversees the College Illinois program, however, our requests for a statement were not returned.


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