Gloria Davis Sets Early Retirement Date


An unexpected announcement.. Decatur Public Schools Superintendent, Gloria Davis is stepping down in a matter of weeks.

The Decatur Community already knew that Davis' retirement was near. But at tonight's school board meeting she gave a date earlier than expected. Her last day as superintendent will be March, 21st. And at tonight's meeting.. the board announced they have already selected her replacement. They will reveal who it is by the next meeting. Gloria gave a little advice to whoever that person should be.

"What I would say to any incoming superintendent in Decatur or anywhere else is first of all, you have to have integrity," said Davis. "You have to have a vision, and a philosophy that you stand by. You have to see the future that sometimes no-one else can see. We had discussions, the board of education and I, and as we look at the possibility of changes in new retirement laws that are coming down the pike, we just thought, well, it was time."

Davis served as superintendent for eight years. Other things discussed tonight... The possibility of a health clinic at one of the Decatur high schools.. and a plan to build a Technology Education Center.

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