Changes in Decatur's Water--Still Safe to Drink?


DECATUR- Recently, you might have noticed your water smelling and tasting different in the Decatur Area. Water Production Operations Supervisor, Don Giger, says the water has been different since last Thursday. The combination of ice, high water flow from the upper Sangamon River, and cold water temperatures add extra particles to the water, which cause a change in odor and taste. Giger says this is nothing to worry about, though. Something like this isn't unusual, but Decatur's water hasn't experienced this in several years. Giger compares our situation to drinking water from another town; it often tastes differently than ours because of different particles in the water that we aren't used to. That same situation is happening to Decatur's water, where extra particles have been added, and we aren't used to the taste and smell. Some of the added particles are chlorine and traces of ammonia. This might sound dangerous, but Giger tells WAND that chlorine kills bacteria and other unwanted substances in our drinking water. Another thing to keep in mind is that Decatur's water is constantly tested throughout each day to ensure it meets all quality standards. Lastly, Giger can't stress enough that Decatur's water is completely safe to drink. Once the high water flow subsides, our water will smell and taste back to normal again.

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