WAND says goodbye to a beloved broadcaster


Decatur - For 12 years Bob Murray brought viewers the weather here at WAND TV, and now a community is mourning his passing.


He came into our living rooms with a presence only he could bring. We look back on his time here at the station, sharing some of our memories, while saying goodbye to a man many loved.


Bob Murray was the person we turned to when sever weather threatened our lives. He had a sense of urgency, but also a calming presence even in the eye of the storm. An ability that just pulled you in and kept you connected, building a strong bond, said WAND Weather Expert, Greg Trumbold.


Bob Murray worked as WAND Chief Weatherman from 1989 until 2001. Former coworker, Julie Moore Wolfe shared memories of her time with him, "everybody loved him. He truly cared about the weather, and getting it right. He was here when bad storms were hitting regardless of what time of day it was."


During his time here he shared many laughs, and made several public appearances. Many of his appearances were in schools, "he loved going to schools to read cloudy with a chance of meatballs, he loved kids and little old ladies, he loved being Bob and everybody knew Bob was Bob Murray," Julie shared.   


Bob's career lead him to WTAX radio in Springfield, he served there from 2003 until his retirement this December, from an aggressive form of brain cancer.


Murray was 66-years-old.  

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