Lawmakers Looking to Make College Campuses Smoke Free


Springfield - E-cigarettes, or vapor products, have become a hot commodity amongst smokers.

Much like cigarette taxes, some lawmakers want to tax and regulate these tobacco alternatives.

Both E-cigs and regular smoking are the target of lawmakers in Illinois.

Some want to make all college campuses smoke free, saying it'll make campuses safer for non-smokers.

Not only are businesses concerned about the inconvenience this may cause for students and college employees, they're also concerned about the economic impact with people going across state lines to spend their money.

"It would be difficult on them, and it may hurt sales.  As kids do, they'll do it anyway and they would be reprimanded, find, and things like that which I think is unnecessary for college kids.  If we get out of whack with their taxes, people will go elsewhere.  It's a mobile society.  We sell products that can be gotten on wheels, and people will go on wheels, and they'll plan their days accordingly to do these things," said IPMA executive vice president Bill Fleischli.

Fleischli says if E-cigs are taxed here, those people living near the state lines will travel across the border, taking money away from Illinois.

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