A Black History Month Lesson at Franklin Elementary


Decatur- Third grade teacher Michelle Brown from Franklin Elementary School is teaching her students about the struggles African American people went through for Black History Month.

During the month of February, they have been completing various projects. One was to compare and contrast two African American historians. Emily Malave researched Booker T. Washington's life story.

"I learned that if you go to college and be anything you want to be you could probably be a teacher like him," Malave said.

They also participated in classroom activities about segregation.

"I've segregated the boys and the girls. People who wore blue shoes to people who wore yellow shoes one day. The boys could only go to one water fountain and the girls another," Brown said.

Brown found an educational and entertaining way to put down the books and learn about the past.

She does a good job of putting the black history month assignments on the school's website. Just search for her 3rd grade class and there you will see the reports and presentations.


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