Voting locations changed for some in Macon County


Decatur - There are changes coming to polling sites in Macon County.

The location at the Nelson Park Mini Clubhouse is no longer enough space to be used as a polling site.

The voters from Decatur Township Precincts #14 and #31 will vote at Prairie Avenue Christian Church at 2201 E. Prairie Avenue. The polling place room is located in the Fellowship hall in the lower level of the church with access by elevator or stairs.

Two other precincts, Decatur #4 and #7, vote at this location as well.

Once again  a law change goes into effect for elections  including state constitutional officers ; that requires that  all  " under voted ballots kick out" .

If a voter fails to vote for a certain office, the Optical Scan  ballot reader will kick the ballot back detailing the office not vote upon. The voter can chose to remark the ballot or have the reader count all ballot including the blank office. If the voter uses the TSX (touch screen), the TSX will tell you what you voted for or did not vote for. You can make the decision to cast votes for the blank offices or have the ballot casted with blank offices.

For more information concerning the General Primary Election, please go to the Macon County website ( check the scroll bar on the right side of Home Page or check the Election and voter information Section.

You can call 424-1309 or 424-1333 for more voting information. The primary election is set for March 18th.

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