Council to Discuss Boating Fee Increase


DECATUR-Raising dock fees and license fees by five percent each year for the next three years. That's what the city is proposing at Monday night's council meeting. For most boaters that only means a few bucks more for licenses and ten bucks or so more for docks.


The city takes in less than 200 thousand dollars in boater fees and licenses each year, but the cost to run the lake patrol and administer the licenses is nearly 350 thousand dollars.


They're raising fees to narrow that gap and to help cover major improvements to the lake like dam repairs and the massive dredging project.


The last time the city raised fees was in 2012 by 40 percent.


Water Manager Keith Alexander says they were trying to avoid a large increase this time around.


"In 2012 when we did increase the fees for licenses the council said they would like to have smaller increases more often than large increases every decade or so," Alexander says. "So this plan takes into account their desires and wishes in doing so."


If approved by council, these fee increases would go into effect for the 2014 boating season.  

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