I-TEAM: Taxpayers Hit With Extra Retirement Costs


Decatur - Superintendent Gloria Davis was scheduled to retire in June after the end of the school year.  In February, she announced she would retire two months earlier.  "My last day as superintendent is March 21st," Davis told WAND News.

Leaving two months early will cost taxpayers additional money.  That's according to a binding "Retirement Agreement" reached between Davis and the school board behind closed doors.

The WAND News I-TEAM has reviewed the agreement and found the following:

- The financially troubled school district will spend $40,000 to purchase "Optional Service Credit" through the state Teachers Retirement System (TRS).  This sweetener to enhance Davis' retirement payments is paid for using taxpayers dollars.
- Davis leaves work March 21st.  However, the district will continue to pay her health insurance through June 30th.
- The board will name the auditorium at recently renovated Eisenhower High School the "Gloria J. Davis Auditorium."  The agreement says the district "will prominently display a plaque recognizing and honoring her."

The retirement agreement also has a non-disparagement clause which prevents both sides from making negative comments about the other. 

Davis originally joined District 61 in 2006.

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