Macon County Will Start Issuing Marriage Licenses on Monday


Macon County Clerk, Steve Bean, says YES to same sex marriage licenses. Wednesday afternoon, Bean announced he will start issuing licenses on Monday, March 10, to same sex couples. This comes following direction from Attorney General Lisa Madigan.. who said clerks and state's attorneys should give full consideration to a federal court decision last month to allow Cook County to issue the licenses immediately. Steven Bean says it's all about equality.

"You can't call it law and constitutional in Chicago, and allow people in Chicago to go out and get married, and tell the people in Macon County.. well this court case really didn't count to you," said Bean. I agreed with Gordy over in Champaign County. This is a 14th Amendment issue, where the law should be equal across the state."

Attorney General Madigan suggested any same sex couples who wish to apply for marriage licenses should contact their local county clerk. If the request is denied Madigan said they may opt to get a marriage license in Cook County or file a lawsuit against the clerk.

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