Group Urging Businesses to Clean up Properties


DECATUR-Keeping shopping centers free of trash makes the experience for customers better. And one group hopes will spread across the city and even give a boost to business.

The Beautify Decatur Coalition has been around for about a year and they're creating "No Litter" zones. 

That means a business owner or manager agrees they'll create and enforce a plan to monitor and pick up litter on or around the property every day.

Thursday afternoon, the group canvassed the Brettwood Village shopping center to get store managers involved. There are now 90 businesses in the city pledging to uphold the no litter zone.  

Jill Davis is one of the groups leaders and hopes these efforts will be contagious. "Research shows that litter begets litter," Davis says.  "And I think beauty begets beauty.  If your neighbor spruces up, it kind of makes me want to spruce up."

Neighborhoods that have spruced up in mass? Merchant Street and Oakwood.  You can see  no litter stickers in most store windows in those neighborhoods. 

The beautify Decatur coalition doesn't just target businesses however.  Also residential neighborhoods and schools. 

They will have be having other events this spring, including a 12 minute clean on March 12th they'd like to see everyone in the city to do some spring cleaning.


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