Flu Season Lingers


DECATUR- At least 77 people across Illinois have died because of the flu this year, with more than 650 people hospitalized in intensive care units. 

And with the flu season extending usually into May, health officials are reminding people to get immunized. 

Now in the state, the spread of the flu is categorized as "regional" which is the second highest level.  Flu activity peaked in January and February and has been hitting young and middle aged adults the hardest. 

Health officials want to remind people there are things you can do to prevent getting the flu. Mainly to wash your hands frequently, cover your coughs and sneezes, to stay at home if you are sick and of course get a flu shot.

The most common strain this year has been the H1N1 strain, which the flu shot protects against. 

The Macon County Health Department still has walk-in immunization hours three days a week. Those shots will be good through June and it takes about two weeks to build your immunity.

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