Students Hoping Governor Doubles MAP Grants in Budget Address


Springfield - A college degree; you need it to get a good job, but for many, paying for college means taking out student loans, or being lucky enough to get a MAP Grant.

Each year, there are about 140,000 students  who receive help through MAP Grants.  

In his State of the State address, governor Pat Quinn said he wanted to double that, giving every eligible applicant the help they need to pay for a college education.

"By doubling the number of map scholarships, we can make sure deserving students in need are equipped to excel in the 21st century work place.  Let's keep our shoulder to the wheel, and finish that job," Quinn told the General Assembly.

For Benedictine University senior Demi Bonner, he said that he hopes the MAP program is able to benefit future students as much as it did him.

"Think of the interest rates on loans nowadays, you don't want to have to go through school worrying about that stuff.  It's stressful.  I'd say search, there's a lot out there.  Apply early, there's deadlines, those deadlines are huge," Bonner told WAND News.

If doubled, there would be nearly 280,000 recipients of map grants in Illinois.


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