Generic Brand of Lipitor Recalled


In the past people feared there were tiny particles of glass in bottles of Lipitor. Now, an India-based manufacturer called Ranbaxy possibly put a 20mg tablet in a container meant for 10mg.

Lipitor is a cholesterol lowering drug.

The FDA has announced a recall of 64,000 bottles of Atorvastatin Calcium. That is the generic form of Lipitor.

Pharmacist owner Dale Colee said, "it's a class two recall, which means it has the potential to have some damage or harm, or not, if they were to get the wrong medication of that tablet."

This could cause some issues for pharmacies that use the manufacturer Ranbaxy.

In Macon County, neither Dale's Southlake Pharmacy, Colee's Corner Drug or Victory Pharmacy stock medications from that manufacturer.


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