Firefighters Say Check Your CO Detector


DECATUR- If you hear your carbon monoxide detector chirping it may not mean you need a new battery. 
The state passed a law back in 2006 that you need a carbon monoxide detector if you have gas appliances or an attached garage. 
Many of those devices have a 7 year life span, which is why now for many folks their alarms are becoming useless.
When they need a new battery or need to  be replaced, detectors make a chirping sound. At the effingham fire department they've been getting many calls about C.O. units that won't stop chirping. 
Firefighter Tasha Lange says with some of the new technology there are sealed ten year batteries meaning you won't need a new device or battery for the next decade. 
"The ones that were developed back in 2007, we have to change the batteries every year at time change when we change our smoke detector , but with some of the new ones, they're actually sealed batteries so that you don't," Lange says.  "It's kind of a peace of mind thing, that you can plug it in and forget it." 
The chirping sound the detectors make is distinct from the alarm sound. 
Many of the devices will tell you exactly what the chirps mean on the back.  
If you'd like to check the age of your device--they have the manufacture date on the back or on the inside.  The models now expiring are from 2006 and 2007.


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