Ice Dams: A Problem For Your Home and Wallet


Have you ever heard of ice dams? It's one of the biggest problems homeowners face this time of year. They form on your roof and if you don't pay attention, they can cause leaks and major water damage inside your home.

According to experts at J. J Swartz, a home improvement company in Decatur, the complaints sound like this: the water is coming into my house and I don't know where its coming from.. I think it's the roof."

Joe Slusarski says home improvement companies have been receiving more of these calls than ever before.

"They're in the hundreds," said Slusarski. "They're in the hundreds, yes."

What's to blame? Ice dams.. and with the recent weather conditions.. they are plenty.

"It's essentially from snow that melts on the upper portions of the roof that get heated from heat escaping the home," said Slusarski. "And then that water runs down and hits the edge of the roof that is colder because there is no insulation... So, that's where ice will form and the thawing and the freezing over the day and night will then build an ice dam up at the edge of the roof.. not allowing the water to escape."

Then when spring temperatures hit.. the large chunks of ice melt into the interior of the home causing leaks.

"The biggest thing is insulation. It's what's going to keep the heat escaping up into the attic and then therefore heating the roof under deck."

When snow builds up on the roof.. insulation acts as a thick barrier keeping the indoor heat from melting the snow... Saving you from interior damage.

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